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Our visit to Cairo was exhausting but exhilarating and we met some amazing individuals who each exuded a passion and commitment to the work they are doing whether working with artists, reviving or restoring craft traditions, archiving and collecting craft or inspiring a new generation of young designers.

Notions of Geographical Difference..

We need to think through what might be an adequately progressive sense of place, one which could fit in with current global times the feelings and relations that give rise to, and which would be useful in what are, after all, political struggles often inevitably based on place. The question of how to hold on to that notion of geographical difference, of uniqueness, even of rootedness if people want that without it being reactionary.

Doreen Massey.

Space, Place and Gender

Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1994



Working in and against the Local: Cairo MashUp/Mix Up

A whole history needs to be written of spaces – which would at the same time be the history of powers (both of them in the plural)- from the great strategies of geopolitics to the little tactics of the habitat.

Michel Foucault
Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings. 1972-77
New York: Pantheon Books, 1980

A place on the map is also a place in history.