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Forming Ideas Notes – Norway & Iceland


Notes on Institutions & Galleries in Norway and Iceland




Ann’s report on the Nordic research visits


Forming Ideas is a curatorial development programme that aims to stimulate debate around craft practice for curators working in the UK. It also aims to forge relationships with art and craft professionals in and outside the UK to encourage the display of challenging craft in mainstream arts venues.  


Does the way we talk and write about craft impact on its value

This is a question that will, no doubt, get a wide range of responses from a variety of sectors positive and negative. Some might say that not enough is written and talked about craft; some might respond that what is written and talked about is often too academic and aligned with the visual arts. My view is that their is an abundance of valuable views written and its up to the wider sector to engage with it at all levels from the perspective of the maker as well as the academic and critical theorist.

Some thoughts post Nordic 1 visit

Just back from annual leave where I had time to digest thoughts from our trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and to catch up on some reading. It strikes me that craft has never seemed quite so zeitgeisty. You can't pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding another article on knitting etc and the numbers of young (and not so young) artists adopting the vocabulary and materials of craft are growing all the time (I've never seen so much crochet in fine art). And yet, I came back from the three Nordic countries feeling that the category of craft appears to be imploding.

Nordic Notes & Observations - Sweden

Notes on Institutions and Galleries in Sweden

Nordic Notes & Observations - Denmark

 Rather than a personalised journal, the following is a straightforward factual account using info from various websites as well as my own notes and observations - intended as a useful tool for colleagues both at my work place and other crafts curators across the East Midlands.

Notes on Institutions & Galleries in Denmark

Nordic Part 1 - day by day

 On Sunday 3 May the group of 12 curators embarked upon the first leg of a research tour through the Nordic countries. We arrived in Copenhagen in the evening – Nicolai Giessing thoughtfully met us at the airport to welcome us to Denmark. Nicolai is the Director of Danske Kunstahdverkere and went out of his way to support our group

Mir's Impressions of Sweden (Stockholm)

Arrival in Stockholm and Sunshine on 7th May - Day 5

Mir's Impressions of Denmark (Copenhagen and Kolding)

Armed with a full itinerary and a small suitcase I set off from Sheffield to Copenhagen on 3rd May.  I had carefully planned my train journey but had missed the fact that Sheffield United was playing at Crystal Palace that day.  Hence I found myself on the 8am train to London with a bunch of increasingly drunk football supporters and expected a riot when the train briefly broke down for 20 minutes at Wellingborough station.  On top of that, I was suffering from a nasty chronic cold.  With my sinuses blocked, the first flight