Museum for Skills (working title)

10/05/2012 (All day)
British Council, Spring Gardens, London


Museum of Skills

As humans we identify the need, invent and then develop the skills and tools to make.  Man has come a long way from the rudimentary stone tools of Paleoithic period of 2 million years ago to the ability to make and use the rapid prototyping machines of today.

As arts professionals what skills do we need and value? What skills do we want to preserve for future generations? And what are the skills we need to acquire for the future?

Where can we go to learn about how things are made and acquire the skills we need? Can Art Academies be museums for skills – the depositaries for collecting valuable knowledge? What are other options open to us? Keynote speakers include Dr Iain McGilchrist leading psychiatrist and author of The Master and Emissary and Professor Trevor Marchand Chair of Anthropology at SOAS. 

Norske Kunsthandverke, the Kunsthogskolen i Oslo and Artquest and the University of the Arts will discuss the role and value of skills with an impressive role of speakers and invited audience.  The debate will take place over a whole day on 10 May at the British Council in Spring Gardens London. There will be breakout sessions to enable participants to debate directly with speakers and plenty of networking time. The event will take place with an invited audience. 


+(55) BRAZIL

The Gallery@ The Civic is proud to announce a fantastic new exhibition celebrating the best of contemporary Brazilian craft and design, and investigating the influences that established the sector as it is today: (+55)Brazil opens from 15th September 2011 through to 22 November 2011 and will then tour.

Featured designers include celebrated architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Brazil? most well known furniture designers the Campana brothers, internationally respected fashion designer Jum Nakao, design houses OVO, Fetiche Design and Faro Design, up and coming design stars Rodrigo Almeida and Sergio J. Matos, as well as much loved brands Melissa and Havaianas, amongst many others.

Brazilian art, design and craft has built a reputation for experimentation and the avant garde since the 1950? and 60?. As a country that celebrates life in vibrant colour, it has captured the world? attention with its flair and energy. An exciting cocktail of high and low art, street art, politically committed art, modern design and traditional craftsmanship all reflect this. With this reputation of alternative modernism for the 21st century in mind this fantastic new exhibition, curated by The Gallery@ The Civic, aims to represent work from a diverse array of fields all produced by either native Brazilians or those who have chosen to adopt the country as their home. Furniture, lighting, ceramics, graphic design, jewellery and fashion are all represented in such a way that gives visitors a real taste of the creativity in this dynamic country.

The Gallery@ The Civic is also pleased to announce that thanks to Disney Consumer Products and the Design Museum, one of a limited number of Cartoon Chairs designed by the Campana Brothers will also be on show throughout the exhibition.  The brothers were commissioned by Disney Consumer Products, Home UK to create a unique collection of plush chairs in a limited edition of 25. These were unveiled on the 26th February at The Cartoon Chair Exhibition at the ALBION Gallery in Battersea, London. The exhibition ran from 27 February ?19 March 2007. The Cartoon Chair, a fresh and playful interpretation of the Campana 2004 Banquete Chair, was created from plush toys of iconic Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Pluto.

Brazilian design, from furniture to fashion, is usually recognized for its flamboyance. However more recently, thanks to its unusual mix of influences, it is being embraced for its inventiveness, originality and sheer diversity. Inspired by themes as seemingly random as urban disorder, political awareness and environmental issues, Brazil? designers are now charting new territory and winning accolades the world over. Whatever its influences, one thing is certain about Brazilian design - it is an exciting cocktail of cutting edge contemporary techniques, traditional craftsmanship, environmentally aware processes and politically committed art that will most definitely go to your head.

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