Nordic Countries

Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland

In the Nordic countries Craft, Design and Art occupy parallel positions and often inter-relate. Industrialisation reached Scandinavia relatively late in the 19th century and since the early/mid 20th Century the region has been mainly led by socialist principles, with a strong welfare state and emphasis on an egalitarian society. There the designer/craftsman is regarded as important to enhancing everyday life through designing and making high quality objects.  Even today artists/craftspeople maintain positions in industry being valued for their visual skill and creative thinking. Scandinavia owns a strong brand identity for the highest quality design and craftsmanship.

In early May 2009  Forming Ideas visited Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The group attended the opening of the famous Trapholt Biennale and the annual exhibition at Fiskars an artist community near Helsinkii. As well as these important events in the arts calendar the group also visited galleries, museums and individual artists and curators in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm. In September 2009 the group continued its journey, visiting galleries and cultural institutions in Norway and Iceland.

For further details on the Nordic Cohort's experiences follow their itinerary on our map and visit the blog and Image Galleries with the latest discussions and pictures. 


Nordic Cohort visiting Friskars, Finland, image by Ann Jones