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Bicicleta Sem Freio (BSF) are a collective of illustrators who are making a big noise in Brazil. The three friends Victor Oliveira Rocha, Douglas de Castro Pereira and Renato Reno were born and raised in the country’s Goiás region, and they are all hugely inspired by the place they live in, and the music that comes out of it. “There are a lot of cool bands working in Goiania, all trying to live from the music they are making,” explain the trio. “We always find new sounds and that brings us inspiration. We try to put our imagination down on paper with just drawing, because it is our big passion!"

They all listen consistently to music in the studio – The Datsuns, Motorhead, Faith No More, Them Crooked Vultures, MC5, Turbo Negro – and two of the three are in the band Black Drawing Chalks. Describing their work as a combination of “illustration, rock’n’roll and party” they display an uncompromising attitude: “We don’t do anything that we don’t like and we do all of our jobs like we’re doing them for ourselves!” Taking their visual inspiration from different band’s styles, old band posters and cartoons, their big hope is that someday their musical idols will come across their work: “It is our dream to work with big rock stars and spend nights and nights drawing for them!”