Does the way we talk and write about craft impact on its value

This is a question that will, no doubt, get a wide range of responses from a variety of sectors positive and negative. Some might say that not enough is written and talked about craft; some might respond that what is written and talked about is often too academic and aligned with the visual arts. My view is that their is an abundance of valuable views written and its up to the wider sector to engage with it at all levels from the perspective of the maker as well as the academic and critical theorist. This is often difficult to do given time restraints that people feel and easy access to that information and debates. Unless the sector creates the environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute we will keep going around in the same circles of discussing 'what is craft' as so often happens at events. How do we achieve this and create the right environment, does it exist already in the form of magazines and blogs such as this? Or do we need to create a face to face event where we challenge the sector to find its voice, express it and find a new way of communicating this to a wider audience?  How this impacts on the value of craft is really up to the sector to collectively organise, shape and present itself in a positive image, by utilizing all existing elements, finding and creating new tools and mechanisms to demonstrate a higher value. I hope any event will be charged with producing a collective plan that will be actioned to move us forward and have some impact.