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Attack in Norway

I offer heartfelt sympathy to all our friends in Norway and hold faith that such a civil and open society will heal itself and take strength from the recent atrocities.   I am sure that I speak for all in the Forming Ideas curators who visited Norway in 2010.

End of the programme

Trying to wrap up the project this month makes for an empty feeling. It's great to see what David Sinclair has put together following his visit to Brazil....looking at his Blurb book and seeing some of the amazing people we visited in Brazil. I feel a little envious of those with spaces to curate...and yes if I'm honest i feel redundant. I hate ending projects especially those that have excited me at times, it's letting go of something special. There have been highs and lows in the Forming ideas project and I'm looking forward to exploring them in the evaluation. 

first report from Brazil

Three days into our“frisky” itinerary (so described by Giancarlo the director of the Museu Da CasaBrasileira… where we gave our presentations on Saturday. The group werefabulous PR for the UK – the range of work and professionalism across the 12organsiations was outstanding. Martina Margetts rounded up the presentations with an insightful profileof the current themes being explored through contemporary craft practice in theUK.

Ann’s report on the Nordic research visits


Forming Ideas is a curatorial development programme that aims to stimulate debate around craft practice for curators working in the UK. It also aims to forge relationships with art and craft professionals in and outside the UK to encourage the display of challenging craft in mainstream arts venues.  


Nordic Part 1 - day by day

 On Sunday 3 May the group of 12 curators embarked upon the first leg of a research tour through the Nordic countries. We arrived in Copenhagen in the evening – Nicolai Giessing thoughtfully met us at the airport to welcome us to Denmark. Nicolai is the Director of Danske Kunstahdverkere and went out of his way to support our group

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