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Practice Makes Perfect -- A Roundtable 01 April 2011


The final of three discussions held following the Forming Ideas research visit to the Nordic countries in 2009/10. The Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston University Faculty of Art hosted this roundtable on 1 April 2011. Below is a summary of the roundtable.

Ideas captured from the Language and Craft Seminar July 2010 -- Breakout Session 2

Forming Ideas: Conference on Craft & Language
Birmingham July 13, 2010
Discussion notes Breakout Session 2

How could the arts sector communicate what it is to the audiences in order to increase its value?

Ideas captured from the Language and Craft Seminar July 2010 -- Breakout Session 1

Forming Ideas: Conference on Craft & Language
Birmingham July 13, 2010
Discussion notes Breakout Session 1

How should new texts be shaped and how should we join these texts to make valuable contexts?

The Power of the Individual to Effect Change, a talk by Dr Amr Abdel Kawi at Khamseen Symposium - Egypt

Forming Ideas – Khamseen Symposium in London at the Ismaili Centre July 2009

1st Speaker Dr Amr Abdel Kawi, editor of the Magaz (design magazine): talking about the power of the individual to effect change.


The Added Value of Human Resources in Brazilian Product and Furniture Design by Frederico Duarte- BRAZIL

This is a text version of a talk given by Frederico Duarte at Brazil-Cultural Contemporary Forming Ideas conference at the RCA. For the full version containing the accompanying slide show please download the PDF at the end of the page.


Hello everyone. I’d like to thank Martina for the invitation, and Julia for making sure I got here alright.

Craft, Design and Social Change by Adélia Borges - BRAZIL

In the first place, I would like to give warm thanks for the invitation to be here – thank you Martina Margetts, Ann Jones, Julia Bunnage and all the team that worked for this to happen. 

'Brazil - the cultural contemporary' Forming Ideas Conference Speakers Biographies - BRAZIL

21 January 2011

Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore

London SW7 2EU

Adélia Borges

Craft, Design and Social Change in Brazil

Forming Ideas Brazil research visit post journey notes by Ann Jones - Brazil

Forming Ideas Brazil research visit  25 February – 10 March 2010

CULTEX- Textile as cross-cultural language, at HUB

CULTEX is an international collaborative exhibition, exploring cross-cultural exchange through three artistic partnerships between Norway and Japan. The project was initiated, and has been curated by Lesley Millar.

This handout provides brief biographical information about each of the artists, a statement regarding their general artistic concerns and information on their collaborative works produced through the CULTEX collaboration.

A statement by each artist explaining the concept of their installation can be found on the walls of the gallery.

Pre-meeting notes - Brazil

We were met by Laura Barbi, Press Relations at the Brazilian Embassy. The meeting took place in the context of the exhibition Neoconcrete Experience at Gallery 32.

A journey from “somewhere else” to “somewhere inbetween” via Egypt, Notes from a lecture by Yasmin Canvin - Egypt

I am going to focus my presentation around a recent research trip I made with other curators to Cairo, which was organised by Camilla Cannellas, for ArtProjects, and the follow up conference we organised in London called Khamseen (Sandstorm in Arabic), to explore moments of connection between cultures.

Cairo had been selected because there is an active dialogue taking place in Egypt between the past and the present, and between traditional and contemporary practices.

Design for a World of Solidarity by Adelia Borges - Brazil

Adélia Borges is a design curator and writer. Lives in São Paulo, Brasil. Was director  of Museu da Casa Brasileira, a governmental museum specialized in design and architecture (2003-2007). Has written six books on design or designers, among them Designer não é Personal Trainer (2002) and Sergio Rodrigues (2005). As a journalist, was the director of the magazine Design & Interiores(1987-1994), the design editor of Gazeta Mercantil, daily business newspaper(1998-2002), and freelancer writer for many Brazilian and international magazines.

Khamseen Symposium, Speakers' Booklist - Egypt

Glenn Adamson

Thinking Through Craft, Adamson, Glenn

Craft in Britain in the 20th Century, Harrod, Tanya

The Intangibilities of Form, Roberts, John

The Journal of Modern Craft (

Funding organisations with Middle East programmes - Egypt

Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland

For over 60 years now, the Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia has been responsible for presenting Swiss culture abroad, promoting cultural dialogue between the various linguistic regions of the country and fostering supra-regional understanding. Through its activities it supports a contemporary, culturally diverse and open-minded Switzerland.