Gustavsberg, Sweden arts crafts exhibition

The Forming Ideas professional development programme has now ended. The evaluation of the programme will soon appear on this site.

We now look forward to tracking the future exhibitions, events and publications that will result from the research and working relationships made by the participating curators - these events will be sign-posted and tracked on this site.

The programme has enriched understanding of craft in an international context, changed thinking, inspired and stimulated exchange.

'The visit increased my awareness of the mixed cultures in Brazil; including Italian, Japanese, African, Portuguese, Amazon Indian, also people’s resilience and charm, the complex politics and socio-economic issues and the negotiation towards a global identity.'

'I was inspired by the Town House’s radical approach to socially engaged practice and it made me re-think the way I work.'

'I didn’t feel there was much for British Craft to learn from the situations in Norway and Iceland…. I think this level of practice is already present in Britain.'

'Inspirational. I got more out of the trip than I ever could have imagined.'

'The links forged during the visit have…. created a desire to initiate an extensive cultural exchange programme between designers, artists and craftspeople from the Yorkshire region and Brazil at some point in the future'


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Red Room installation image by Yvonna Demczynska
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